GDPR Principles


Required if consent serve as legal justification. Shall be unambiguous or even explicit¦New. Proof of consent is an important element, by which accountability is to be demonstrated (forms, records, compulsory statements). Consent for new purpose raises complexity. Legal justification based on consent is challenged by individual’s rights (withdraw, portability, erasure). Child‘s consent Lawful if child […]

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GDPR New Principles

Principles / personal data. Lawfulness, fairness and transparency. Purpose limitation. Data minimization. Accuracy. Storage limitation. Integrity and confidentiality. Principle / Controller. Accountability¦New.

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Processing is lawful if at least 1 legal justifications applies. Data subject has given consent for processing or Processing is necessary (for performance of contract, legal compliance, vital interest, in public interest, controller’s legitimate interest) Difficulties regarding processing for new purpose. Controller shall ascertain compatibility between new purpose and original purpose If impossible to ascertain

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Special Categories

Data processing is prohibited when relates to Racial or ethnic origin. Political opinions. Religious or philosophical beliefs. Trade union membership. Processing of genetic data¦New. Biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a natural person. Data concerning health. Data concerning a natural person’s sex life or sexual orientation. Unless Explicit consent of the data subject.

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