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Datadiem offers an external DPO service (Data Protection Officer) and supports its clients wishing to comply with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) or responding to the instructions of a supervisory authority such as the CNIL in France.

DPO certified CIPP/E by the International Association of Privacy Professional IAPP and member of the Association of French Data Protection Officers AFCDP.

DPO CIPP/E certified

I want to bring my business into compliance with GDPR ​

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the professional you need to evaluate your needs and coordinate your compliance implementation.

I wish to expand my business into the European Union

If you are located outside the EU, GDPR article 27 requests from you to designate a GDPR Representative in EU before the supervisory authority (CNIL in France).

Datadiem supports professionals in various industries: hospitality and hospitality (PMS reservation software, SAAS-type Property Management System, Online Travel Agencies OTA), health (telemedicine and teleconsultation), finance and banking (asset managers), energy, insurance, telecommunications.

We have gained practical knowledge in these sectors, particularly within the European market. Datadiem provides businesses with a solution combining legal services, technological and strategic skills to enter the European market.

Datadiem offers a representation service to the supervisory authority as defined in Article 27 of the RGPD on behalf of controllers or subcontractors not established in the European Union.

Keep your clients trust, not only their data.

Datadiem establishes data mapping to edit and maintain the register of processing activities. Conducts an audit of governance, organizational security and physical security implemented before conducting a risk assessment and developing a GDPR compliance roadmap.

In collaboration with your teams, Datadiem applies the concept of “technical and organizational measures” reffered to throughout the GDPR, in order to offer you an adapted and realistic solution.

Datadiem implements and manages its recommendations with particular attention to:

Datadiem provides tailor-made RGPD trainings as well as dedicated support for internal and external DPOs and other key employees (legal, IT, HR, marketing manager).

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    Guide to GDPR compliance

    The new edition of the Datadiem 2022 GDPR Compliance Guide makes it easy to understand the rules introduced by the GDPR Regulation to enable managers of companies and other types of organizations to comply with personal data protection requirements. .

    The guide explains not only the obligations defined in the GDPR but beyond, presents the different steps to comply with the legislation, the techniques and concrete procedures to put in place, as well as valuable advice from experienced professionals.

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