Section 2 - Competence, tasks and powers

Article 58 – Powers

Each supervisory authority shall have all of the following investigative powers: to order the controller and the processor, and, where applicable, the controller’s or the processor’s representative to provide any information it requires for the performance of its tasks; to carry out investigations in the form of data protection audits; to carry out a review

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Article 57 – Tasks

Without prejudice to other tasks set out under this Regulation, each supervisory authority shall on its territory: monitor and enforce the application of this Regulation; promote public awareness and understanding of the risks, rules, safeguards and rights in relation to processing. Activities addressed specifically to children shall receive specific attention; advise, in accordance with Member

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Article 56 – Competence of the lead supervisory authority

Without prejudice to Article 55, the supervisory authority of the main establishment or of the single establishment of the controller or processor shall be competent to act as lead supervisory authority for the cross-border processing carried out by that controller or processor in accordance with the procedure provided in Article 60. By derogation from paragraph

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