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Data protection compliance

Data protection compliance

Our clients rely on Datadiem for assistance in complying with data protection laws and organizations’ policies, in particular with GDPR new requirements. Datadiem specializes not only in legal compliance, but also in related technology issues. Indeed, assessing legal basis to use of data in your activity is crucial and requires strong knowledge in technologies available […]

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GDPR Trainings

The content of our courses is designed and regularly validated by professionals of particular industries, experts in cybersecurity and data management systems of our clients’ industry, as well as by lawyers specialized in the GDPR legislation, in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the training with your team.

A preliminary interview allows us to define together your needs and to adjust the content and format of the training to the specificity of your activity and your employees.

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External DPO Data Protection Officer

Outsourcing the function of DPO allows a company to realize significant savings. By entrusting the management of your compliance to Datadiem, you release yourself from a heavy burden, that of training an internal employee, creating a new position and hiring with uncertain results. You gain in efficiency and time thanks to an immediate implementation, you strengthen your reputation while minimizing your risks.

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